The Movement

“Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.” – Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

About Us

Save the Paseo is a grass roots organization dedicated to the preservation of the name associated with one of the first boulevards in Kansas City. The Save The Paseo movement grew from a petition filed by five Paseo residents. The name of their historic street was changed without the City asking for their input. Although they all live in different neighborhoods on the Paseo, and come from different backgrounds, they came together behind the notion that voters of KC, including the people and businesses who call the Paseo home, should have a say in this significant change.

The Purpose

Kansas City law requires two thirds of a street’s residents approve a street name change. The City Council waived that rule, and proceeded to change the address of 1800 residents without asking how they felt about it. Eighteen miles of east side neighborhoods were disenfranchised.  Much like the recent property tax debacle, the voices of those who were affected were not considered. This ballot question is the opportunity for all to weigh in and be heard.

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